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14 June 2011 @ 08:17 pm
Comm Business and Off Topic...Stuff  
Hey, everyone, I know it's kind of been a little slow around here lately, and suggestions are always welcome with regards to improving that. Also, keep in mind we've got only three spaces left on BINGO; once it wraps up, we may have to try and do another joint community prompt table or something, if you all feel so inclined. We may even do a poll, because you know how I love polls :D Also poles, but that's a different story. The one in the North is my favorite.

In other, only tangentially-related news, both White Collar and Covert Affairs have started up again, and I remember last year we all seemed to have a pretty good time carrying the rewatch discussions into episode discussions for both shows, so in that spirit I've been posting just plain episode discussions on my journal for them. So feel free to come by and chat, if you're watching anyway! We mostly squee about Sendhil on CA, and about how Neal is the Plaude baby on WC, so.

White Collar is on at 9:00 pm, and Covert Affairs is at 10:00 pm. This week's post is here.

Anyway, TL:DR version:

1. Plaude BINGO: Almost finished!

2. Upcoming comm challenges: Suggestions welcome!

3. White Collar and/or Covert Affairs Squee!: Feel free to join in!